Wedding Cake Sizes & Servings

This is a general guideline to determine what size tiers you will need. It is best if you let us suggest the sizes based on number of guests and style of cake.

What size cake tiers will I need? Provide us with the number of guests to feed, and we will recommend the appropriate size to feed your guests. Certain styles work better with select proportions. If you have a preference for the number of tiers desired, please let us know. CLICK ON THE CAKE CHART AT RIGHT TO VIEW IT LARGER

What is the Portion Size? Our general portion sizes are based on “wedding cake sized” portions. These are smaller than a regular dessert sized portion of cake. If you want to serve generous portions, or have enough cake for some seconds or leftovers, you should order accordingly. Keep in mind that if you are serving other desserts, the wedding cake sized portioning will probably do nicely. Also if you are serving more than one flavor of cake, guests may want to try them all!

Stacked vs. Pillars The majority of cakes we make which have more than one tier are stacked directly on top of each other for a more modern look. Each cake rests on it’s own cake circle, which is how you peel the tiers apart for service. If you are picking up the cake yourselves, stacked cakes are easier to transport the cakes on pillars. However, we do not recommend pick up for cakes with 3 or more tiers. Some larger, heavier cakes require us to use a short pillar system for stability and weight bearing, but still appear to be stacked.

Serving your Cake

If you are cutting and serving the cake on your own, here are some tips.

How long can the cake sit out?

Cakes are easiest to cut when cold and firm. The longer your cake sits out, the trickier it can be to serve. Larger cakes can sit out longer than smaller cakes. Most buttercream and fondant cakes can sit out at least 45 – 1 hour in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Larger cakes can sit out 1 1/2 hours if needed. How can we cut the cake to get the right number of servings? When dismantling your cake for service it is usually best to seperate the tiers first before cutting, especially if your cake has been sitting out for a while. There will be a bamboo skewer running from the top tier to the bottom tier of your cake to prevent it from sliding or moving during transport. If you have something to grip it with you can pull it straight out and up before cutting. If not, you may need to portion out the top tier so you can pull it out. To get the right number of servings, use our cake-cutting chart shown below. For larger tiers we prefer the method of cutting a series of circles within the larger round, and serving out that way. If you are having your reception at a restaurant or resort, the wait staff is generally very experienced at cutting cakes.

Delivery & Set Up

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Cake Size & Serving

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Ordering & Payment

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