Delicious & Beautiful Wedding Cakes made with Aloha!

Whether you would like a simple wedding cake for two or an elaborate towering confection, we can fulfill your wedding cake fantasy.  There are many to choose from, so take your time.

Jot down the style numbers of a few of your favorites (listed under each photo), then click on the Quote Request button to get pricing and other details. Most designs shown in our galleries can be made to fit any size party. Every cake on our site was created by us. You can mix and match colors, flowers and other design elements. We can make just about anything, so if you have a picture not shown here you will be able to upload it in your Quote Request Form.  Bridal cake topper figurines in photos are not provided. If you saw something you like on our Instagram account, send us a screen grab of it.  Happy Planning!

Maui Wedding Cakes Buttercream Cakes

Our delicious Buttercream icing is light and fluffy and not too sweet. It can be piped in wonderful patterns, swirled to great effect and tinted to lovely colors. The variations are endless. Casey has a great deal of skill with Buttercream and can create smooth and glossy sides that can almost rival Fondant cakes for their perfection. These cake designs can be scaled up or down to suit the size of your celebration.

Maui Wedding Cakes Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate – it’s not just for breakfast anymore!!  For those of us who love chocolate, why not go with one of these chocolate wedding cakes? They’ll make a lasting impression on your guests, and they taste oh so good!  Many chocolate lovers add one of these on in a smaller size as a Groom’s cake – yummy…

Maui Wedding Cakes Fondant Cakes

Fondant gives cakes a smooth, flawless matte finish, making it a great base for further decorations – silk ribbons, beading and intricate piping designs. It can be folded, pleated or draped, and used for ribbons, flowers and other decoration. Fondant is like sugar play dough, it is rolled out in sheets and applied to a cake that has been coated in Buttercream. Fondant cakes are more expensive than simpler buttercream cakes due to the time and care in their preparation. Fondant cakes are stunning creations!!


Maui Wedding Cakes Small Wedding Cakes

These cake may be small in size, but they are just as memorable as their bigger counterparts. We offer special smaller sized wedding cakes for parties with fewer than 10 people, or from 10 to 16 guests who still want that two-tiered “wedding cake” look. We also make small single tier cakes that can feed from six to fifteen people.  We can make almost any cake on our site in these smaller sizes, you are not limited to the designs here.  Of course these designs can also be made to feed larger parties.


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