People always ask us “which flavors are good?”  Since they are all great, it’s really hard to answer!!  We can offer you some suggestions and guidelines though, as well as a list of cake body, filling and flavor choices.

The Cake Body

We use a traditional Sponge cake recipe for the body.  Sponge cake is just the technical term for good old regular cake!  It is NOT like Angel Food cake, which made improperly can actually taste like a sponge.  Over years of research and development we have found that our sponge cake is the perfect texture to go with our whipped cream based fillings and has a great ability to withstand the rigors of wedding cake construction and transportation.

Basic Cake Body choices: 

Vanilla Cake Body

Chocolate Cake Body

Marble Cake Body (swirls of both vanilla and chocolate)

Specialty Cake body choices:  These carry a slight extra charge per tier

Red Velvet Cake Body (traditionally served with a cream cheese filling, although it can be served with other fillings)

Carrot cake (made with Dried Cranberries, NO nuts unless you request them. Traditionally served with a cream cheese filling, although it can be served with other fillings)

GLUTEN FREE CAKE BODY – in Vanilla or Chocolate.

We can make other cake body flavors upon request, however we do not make other people’s recipes.  At this time we do not offer Sugar Free.

The Fillings & Flavorings

While all of our cakes require a filling, at the least some thin layers of buttercream icing which can be considered the “traditional” style of wedding cake filling, we consider our basic whipped fillings to be a preferable choice.  Our Whipped Cream Custard  is light and fluffy like whipped cream, it is not like pudding.  All of our Mousses are also fluffy and not overly sweet.  You can start with any of these fillings and add additional flavorings if you like.  You can order different combinations of flavors for your different tiers at no extra charge. Keep in mind that some guests will want to try all the flavors – you might need more cake!

Basic Filling and Flavor choices:

Vanilla Whip Cream Custard

Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Raspberry

Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Logsdon Lilikoi (Passionfruit -our Signature flavor and hands down our popular.  It is light, refreshing and tropical.  A bit tart like lemon, it is best with vanilla cake)

Whipped Cream (cake cannot stay out as long when filled with pure whipped cream)

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse with a layer of Raspberry

Mocha Mousse

Raspberry Mousse (a little bit sweeter than the others)

Strawberry Mousse ( with strawberry blended into the Vanilla mousse which turns it pink)

Chocolate Truffle (an extra chocolaty filling – good with white cake)

Specialty Fillings:  These carry an extra charge  from $5 to $15 per tier, depending upon size

Banana Cream (made with chunks of fresh banana)

Coconut Cream (made with coconut flakes)

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Mousse (made with little bits of Maui Macadamia Nuts)

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mousse  (made with little bits of Maui Macadamia Nuts)

White Chocolate Mousse (a little bit sweeter than the others)

Tahitian Vanilla Mousse (made with the scrapings of real Tahitian Vanilla Beans, and something magical that Casey does, he won’t tell me what!)

Whipped Chocolate Ganache (dense and very chocolately)

Specialty Flavors:  These carry an extra charge  from $5 to $15 per tier, depending upon size

Pineapple (crushed)

Guava (a juice concentrate)

Lemon (a flavoring on the cake body)

Fresh Strawberries (diced fresh berries, we always use Maui Kula Berries when available)

Fresh Raspberries or other fresh fruits (seasonal)

Buttercream fillings:  when a buttercream filling is needed or preferred

Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon

The Icing

Vanilla Italian Buttercream

Chocolate Italian Butetrcream (has a mocha color to it)

White Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Ganache (a liquid pour of very dark chocolate – awesome!)

Whipped Cream (cake can only sit out a short time – set out, say “ah”, snap pic, slice and serve)

Rolled White Fondant (a slightly off-white piano key ivory)

Rolled White Chocolate Fondant (has a yellow tinge to it and is a special order)

Rolled Chocolate Fondant (has a milk chocolate color and is a special order)

Marzipan (Almond flavored – special order)


Most of the cakes you see featured in magazines are covered in Fondant. Nothing else looks quite like it. It gives a smooth flawless matte finish with rounded edges.  It can be draped, painted on and tinted among other things. Some cakes require Fondant to achieve their special look, some can be translated into buttercream. It is like a sugar playdough, rolled out in sheets and spread over the cakes.  It is tricky and time consuming to work with, and adds quite a bit of cost to the cake. All of our fondant cakes are covered in a thin layer of buttercream first, so that great flavor is there. Fondant has a bland vanilla taste, some people love it, and some don’t care for it and will peel it off of their portion.  We use a very high quality Swiss fondant that tastes good.

Italian Buttercream

 Our Buttercream icing is light and fluffy and NOT too sweet.  Many brides have mistaken it for whip cream at their taste testings.  Real buttercream icing is not like that horrible stuff they put on supermarket cakes or discount wholesale cakes (like Costco).  That stuff comes out of a bucket and is grainy and painfully sweet, and does not deserve to be called buttercream.  It is also loaded with chemicals and preservatives.  Yech.  Ours is made with whipped egg whites (meringue), boiled sugar and real butter.  We add a touch of shortening so it will hold up in the tropical heat.  Your buttercream cake can sit out and be admired for up to 2 hours or so. Casey has a great deal of skill with buttercream.  He can get quite a smooth finish, although they will have sharp edges and require some type of piping at the base.

Whip Cream 

We can use 100% pure whipping cream, and it is delicious, but does not look as nice as buttercream, does not go on as smoothly, and will start to melt in about 10 Maui minutes.  We are happy to ice your cake in whipped cream if you prefer it, but wanted to make sure you know it’s limitations.

Chocolate Ganache

Ganache is a liquid pour of dark chocolate.  The cake is iced in buttercream first to make it smooth and flat.  The ganache is heated up to a liquid state (like hot fudge on a sundae) and poured over your cake. It is divine. Many couples are going for chocolate cakes today, and we have many options and styles that are just as elegant as white cakes.


Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

We do offer Cheesecake Wedding Cakes!  They are a real showstopper, and become their own “happening” when pre-cut for self service.  We ice the tiers after they are cut, so they look whole, but your guests can easily slide out their wn piece and dress it with sauces or fresh fruits.  Casey’s cheesecake is a true New York style – baked in a water bath – dense and creamy.  Yum!

Cheesecake Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, others upon request.

Cheesecake Sauces: Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Pineapple

Platter of Fresh Island fruits – seasonal selections.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

For a real island treat, try a PUD cake! Best served as separate tiers to show off their beautiful golden brown pineapple rings.  These cakes look elegant when arranged on our ascending cake stand, with buttercream accents on the side and orchids scattered around.