I swore I would Blog about…

once a month when I updated my website last year.  But here it is, 13 months later and finally writing the next one.  It was a busy year  (obviously LOL).  We just added about 70 new pics into all our categories across the website.  We had many interesting cake challenges including dolls, whiskey bottles, a Tequila bottle complete with shot glasses and worm, a skull cake, and even a 747 jumbo jet.

We also made a Tiramisu wedding cake. I hated to see that one go out the door, but luckily there was enough ingredients left over for some little Tiramisu cakes which I horded for myself!


My favorite of the year was the Grooms Cake we made for professional poker player David Williams.  Being a poker player myself, and a friend of David’s mom Shirley, I was ALL INto it!!

We shall see what this year brings, and how my vow to BLOG MORE goes!!  I’m not making any promises on that front, but I do promise to make you a beautiful wedding cake or special party cake if you need one!!!


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