Sweetie’s! Desserts & Events

Gourmet Desserts and Cookies.  

You can see our entire menu of Gourmet Cupcakes by going to our Cupcake Page.

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Sweetie’s Desserts

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (minimum order $25)

Bride and Groom Berry $15.00 per pair
Additional pairs are $10.00 per pair

DARK Chocolate Dipped with White Scroll accent $2.50 each
WHITE Chocolate Dipped with Dark Scroll accent $2.50 each

DARK Chocolate Dipped with white stripes $2.25 each
WHITE Chocolate Dipped with dark stripes $2.25 each

Custom colors of chocolate $10.00 per color per order

Brownies with Ganache Glaze
Big and Chocolatey!
20 pax  $45  •  30 pax  $67.50  •  40 pax  $90

Chocolate Dipped Bride and Groom Brownies
Large – 5″
Loose $8 each (Bride OR Groom)
Packaged Single with Plumeria Chocolates $11.00

Chocolate Truffles
Handmade – Flavors: Rum, Orange, Espresso or Almond
Minimum order 2 dozen of each kind
$30 per dozen

Fresh Baked Cookies
Minimum 3 dozen of each kind
Chocolate Chip Mac Nut $15 per dozen
Vanilla Almond Anise Biscotti $18 per dozen
Vanilla Biscotti dipped in chocolate $22 per dozen

Macaroons – assorted flavors $100 minimum $2.50 each

To view our Custom Shaped and Decorated Cookies CLICK HERE

Individual Desserts

Available on request – start at $5 each


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