Our newest venture offers Gourmet Cupcakes and Desserts and Cookies.

Come visit us at the Kihei 4th Friday events – look for the brightly colored Sweetie’s! Booth.

We will be expanding and adding new items here throughout the year. You can see our entire menu of Gourmet Cupcakes by going to our Cupcake Page.

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Sweetie’s Desserts

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (minimum order $25)

Bride and Groom Berry $10.00 per pair
Additional pairs are $8.00 per pair

DARK Chocolate Dipped with White Scroll accent $2.00 each
WHITE Chocolate Dipped with Dark Scroll accent $2.00 each

DARK Chocolate Dipped with white stripes $1.75 each
WHITE Chocolate Dipped with dark stripes $1.75 each

Custom colors of chocolate $10.00 per color per order

Brownies with Ganache Glaze
Big and Chocolatey!
20 pax  $45  •  30 pax  $67.50  •  40 pax  $90

Chocolate Dipped Bride and Groom Brownies
Large – 5″
Loose $5 each (Bride OR Groom)
Packaged Single with Plumeria Chocolates $6.50

Small – 3″
Loose $3.00 each (Bride OR Groom)
Packaged Pair of Bride and Groom Brownie
with Plumeria Chocolates $8.00

Chocolate Truffles
Handmade – Flavors: Rum, Orange, Espresso or Almond
Minimum order 2 dozen of each kind
$24 per dozen

Fresh Baked Cookies
Minimum 3 dozen of each kind
Chocolate Chip Mac Nut $8 per dozen
Vanilla Almond Anise Biscotti $8 per dozen
Vanilla Biscotti dipped in chocolate $10 per dozen

To view our Custom Shaped and Decorated Cookies CLICK HERE

Fresh Home made Ice Cream and Sorbet
$10 per Quart  (recommend 1Qt for every 6 people)
Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Lilikoi Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet

Fresh Tahitian Vanilla Whipped Cream
20 pax  $10  •  30 pax  $15  •  40 pax  $20